Securing impact: Insights from integrated climate, peace and security projects
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Securing impact: Insights from integrated climate, peace and security projects

When: 6 October 2023 | 14:30-15:30

Format: Roundtable discussion

Venue: Breakout room 1 (Willy-Brandt-Saal)

Evidence shows that climate change contributes to increased conflict and insecurity along indirect pathways, such as by undermining livelihoods, governance and equality. As a result, those working to foster peace, security, or social cohesion must build resilience against climate risks into programming. Similarly, actors attempting to reduce the impacts of climate and environmental change on communities must work towards a sustainable peace, considering conflict risks and dynamics. However, while most experts accept the need for integrated responses, the impacts that these approaches have had to date are not yet well understood. To help plug this gap, this session took stock of some of the integrated climate-peacebuilding projects and programmes that have been implemented to date, focusing on how best to secure, monitor, and evaluate their impacts in terms of building climate resilience and peace. The session brought together experts working in Haiti, Yemen, and Somalia to discuss how they have designed their projects and programmes with a view to maximise their impact. To further identify useful tools and approaches, the UN Peace Building Fund shared its experience in assessing and monitoring the long-term impact of its projects.


  • Hisham Al-Omeisy, Senior Yemen Advisor and Head of PfR Steering Group, European Institute of Peace
  • Janel Galvanek, Head of Regional Peace Support Department, Berghof Foundation
  • Diane Myriam A Sheinberg, Peacebuilding Officer, United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office / Peacebuilding Fund
  • Paule Juneau, Environmental law specialist and mediator, United Nations Environment Programme in Haiti (UNEP Haiti)

Moderated by Dr. Beatrice Mosello, Senior Advisor, adelphi

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