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Berlin Climate and Security Conference 2022

Berlin Climate and Security Conference

11 - 12 October 2022 (German Federal Foreign Office, Berlin)

17 - 20 October 2022 (Online)

The fourth edition of BCSC is entitled Climate – Conflict – Clash of Crises: Weathering the Risks. BCSC 2022 will convene important stakeholders at the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin on 11-12 October 2022. To ensure broad participation on all levels and from all regions, there will be a follow-up digital segment 17-20 October 2022 comprised of partner-run webinars and workshops, bringing together the broader climate security community of practice in the day succeeding the in-person conference.

BCSC at a glance

Who: High-level political actors, climate security experts, international organisations and practitioners

What: Since its inaugural edition in 2019, BCSC has become the global forum connecting important stakeholders working to better address the impacts of climate change on international peace and security through diplomacy, development and defence approaches

When: 11-12 October 2022 (In-person, invitation only); 17-20 October 2022 (Online) 

Where: The in-person segment of BCSC will take place in Berlin at the German Federal Foreign Office 

Why: To address climate impacts on peace and stability and its interlinkages with current geopolitical challenges

AgendaThe preliminary in-person agenda (11-12 October) can be viewed here. For those who can't join in person, you can watch all plenary sessions via livestream. Watch the website for more details.

The preliminary digital segment agenda (17-20 October) can be found below. Please watch this space for updates on registration. 

In the wake of various commitments to tackle climate security from international actors from the African Union to NATO, the conference will focus on three strategic goals:

  • Establishing informed responses to climate, peace and security as a top priority on international agendas including COP 27
  • Advancing climate and conflict sensitive policies and operations on the ground
  • Connecting people, knowledge and ideas across sectors, regions and disciplines to inform mutual and multilateral approaches

Climate, Environment, Peace and Security 

Featuring a high-level political segment with German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock the conference will take stock of the agenda for action set out in the Climate, Environment, Peace and Security Declaration and launch the Climate, Environment, Peace and Security Initiative, endorsed by G7 Foreign Ministers in May 2022.

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Organised by:


The German Federal Foreign Office

The German Federal Foreign Office has been working on climate diplomacy for many years, supporting the integration of climate-related security risks into its bilateral and multilateral diplomacy. Under the German UNSC presidency in 2011, the UN Security Council adopted its first statement acknowledging the risks of climate change for international peace and security. On 1 August 2018, Germany, together with the Pacific state Nauru, officially established the Group of Friends on Climate and Security in the United Nations.



adelphi is an independent think tank and leading international public policy consultancy on climate, environment and development. Our 200-strong team of experts and specialists plays a key role in generating and promoting new ideas, shaping debates, building new strategies and setting agendas. We help to forge new paths towards a sustainable future, both by providing scientifically sound policy analysis and by working in dialogue with political and civil society actors and decision-makers.


Climate Diplomacy

The Climate Diplomacy initiative, a project by adelphi supported by the German Federal Foreign Office, explores the foreign policy dimension of climate change and climate policy, including different regional and thematic approaches to it. Its website also provides arguments for enhanced international cooperation and diplomatic engagement for climate in multi- and bilateral fora.

The Climate Diplomacy project includes support for bringing the topic of addressing climate fragility risks into different international fora. Despite the increasing salience of the topic of climate change and security, there is currently no single address to turn to for support and policy advice.