Taking stock of progress: Climate change and security in Africa

When: 6 July 9:00 - 9:30 

Format: Spotlight conversation

The aim of BCSC Nairobi was to identify joint priorities for action to address climate related security risks across Africa. Key to understanding this is the perspective of those from civil society who can represent the experiences of the communities most affected, including youth, marginalised groups, women and girls. This session was intended to set the stage and open the conference with these perspectives that are crucial to the debate but oftentimes overlooked. We aimed to take stock of progress in terms of what has happened up until this point, what is happening and what needs to happen in the future to better address the risks posed by climate change to peace and security to affected communities in Africa. Whilst action will need to be catalysed through strong political leadership, we wanted to start the conversation with a focus on the perspectives of youth, women and civil society.


Moderated by Janani Vivekananda, Head of Programme Climate Diplomacy and Security, adelphi

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