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The nature of conflict and peace: The links between environment, security and peace and their importance for the United Nations

When: 17 October 2022 | 10:30-12:00 CEST

Format: Panel discussion

Environmental degradation and biodiversity loss are important drivers of conflict, and increasingly impact global peace and security. This nature-security nexus is visible in the links between biodiversity and livelihood insecurity, resource conflicts, environmental crimes, and the environmental impacts of war and conflict. 

With the need to address this nexus increasing in importance as environmental degradation and biodiversity loss intensify, and as geopolitical tensions with wide-ranging environmental impacts are on the rise, join us as a panel of experts discusses the four nature-security pathways from the WWF-adelphi report: The Nature of Conflict and Peace

The climate-security and the nature-security nexus overlap and cannot be fully addressed independently. In fact, environmental factors are often a critical link in the pathway from climate impacts to security risks. In this light, this panel will explore options for the UN system to work towards an environmental security agenda, including entry-points for fostering transboundary cooperation and stable livelihoods, and mitigating wildlife crime and conflict-driven environmental degradation. 


  • Alice Ruhweza, Africa Region Director, WWF
  • Raquel Munayer, Consultant, Climate Diplomacy and Security, adelphi 
  • Florian Titze, Policy Advisor, International Biodiversity Policy, WWF
  • Lukas Rüttinger, Senior Advisor, Climate Diplomacy and Security, adelphi 

Moderated by Hannah Kurnoth, German Federal Foreign Office 

Hosted by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and adelphi

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