BCSC 2022 Speaker:

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Janel B. Galvanek is the Head of the Regional Peace Support Department. Janel has been at the Berghof Foundation for 13 years, working on various topics in different teams, and was most recently the Head of the Sub-Saharan Africa Unit for several years. Janel has led Berghof's engagement in Somalia, supporting mediation and dialogue initiatives among local communities in Hirshabelle and Galmudug States, since its inception in 2015. She has also furthered and supported our work in places such as Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and India. On a volunteer basis, Janel is the director of Growing Tree Liberia, an NGO based in Germany that supports programs for disadvantaged children in Liberia. She holds a Master’s degree in Peace Research and Security Policy from Hamburg University and an MA from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.


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