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Driving Risk or Resilience: Human Mobility and Climate Change

When: 11 October 2022 | 15:25-16:25

Format: Roundtable discussion

Venue: Breakout session

In contrast to the widespread assumption that human mobility and migration are mainly sources of conflict, climate-resilient adaptation options that take into account the role of human mobility and migration can also lead to peace and positive outcomes. They can strengthen human security and the resilience in fragile contexts by enhancing livelihood prospects vis-à-vis climate risks, improve local opportunities for participation and contribute to peaceful conflict resolution. However, if not carefully managed, migration and displacement into vulnerable regions that are already impacted by climate change can indeed fuel tensions between and within hosts and migrants. 

This interactive roundtable, hosted by GIZ, will look at the evidence from Central and East Africa to discuss: 


  1. The impacts of climate change on human mobility and (cross-border) migration in the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) region in Eastern Africa and Lake Chad Basin; 
  2. Where and how climate change and human mobility increase the risks of conflict and fragility in both regions; and
  3. How human mobility can contribute to reduce the risk of increased fragility due to climate change and increase resilience, and what are promising approaches to adaptation that centre on human mobility. 


Moderated by Vanessa Vaessen and Dr. Sandra Schuster, Planning Officers, GIZ 

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