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A Conflict of Interest? Minerals and the Renewable Energy Transition

When: 11 October 2022 | 14:05 – 15:05

Format: Roundtable discussion

Venue: Breakout session

Just as climate change interacts with fragility and conflict in complex ways, so can our responses to climate change. The transition to a renewable energy economy hinges on access to a host of critical minerals, like cobalt, graphite, and lithium—minerals that are highly concentrated in developing countries with weak environmental and labor practices. At the same time, COVID-19 and Russia’s war in Ukraine have pulled the curtain back on the fragility of the global supply of minerals. As governments around the world seek to shore up their supply chains for these green energy minerals, new partnerships and innovative practices will be key to ensuring that in our efforts to curb the climate crisis, we avoid introducing increased pollution, instability, and corruption—and instead, extract and process minerals in ways that allow communities and countries to reap the full benefit of their natural resources. Join us for a discussion on how coordination across the 3D’s and partnerships with private industry, civil society, and other stakeholders can help advance more innovative and effective measures to bolster a secure and sustainable mineral supply chain. 


  • Hon. Sharon Burke, Global Fellow Wilson Center; Founder and President of Ecospherics 
  • Stephanie Epner, Special Advisor and Acting Senior Director, National Security Council, USA
  • Dr. Jewellord (Jojo) Nem Singh, Assistant Professor in International Development at the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague
  • Jan Klawitter, Head of International Advocacy And Hydrogen at Anglo American
  • Kimberly Thompson, Senior Advisor for Natural Resources and Conflict and Industry Lead for Mining, U.S. Agency for International Development 

Moderated by: Lauren Herzer Risi, Program Director, Wilson Center

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