Water, Peace and Security (WPS) partnership, IHE Delft
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Blue Security: The Geostrategy of Water

When: 18 October: 15:30-17:00

Format: Panel discussion

This session will focus on how the security sector understands and responds to water-related security challenges, ranging from local violent conflicts as a consequence of droughts to political instability resulting from water- and food insecurity-induced protests, possibly threatening peace and stability in entire countries or regions. Representatives of the security sector will share their understanding and their experience in dealing with water-related security threats.

3 guiding questions:

  • How does the security sector understand water- and climate-related security risks and what are potential differences in perspectives between water and security?
  • How can strategies for water security and climate security be effectively developed and implemented across different sectors and government agencies?
  • What are the ways ahead in order to ensure an integrated perspective between water, climate and security across all relevant actors?


  • Benedetta BertiHead of Policy Planning, Office of the Secretary General, NATO
  • Stephanie Epner, Special Advisor and Acting Senior Director for Climate and Energy, National Security Council, United States
  • Zablon Adane, Water Program Associate, World Resources Institute Ethiopia/WPS

Moderated by Sharon Burke, Global Fellow Wilson Center; Founder and President of Ecospherics

This session took place under Chatham House rules. A recording will not be available. For more information about the Water Peace and Security Partnership, click here.

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