BCSC 2022 Speaker:

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Ollo Sib is the regional head of research, assessment and monitoring (RAM) at WFP Dakar regional bureau. As a regional head of RAM, he oversees the analytical functions of WFP regional bureau, including needs assessments and monitoring, as well as the development of innovative systems, technologies, process and products. In his current position, Sib leads WFP evidence generation agenda, engaging with strategic partners to position food security and system at the top of the regional agenda. Under Sib leadership, the regional RAM undergone profound transformation. Various strategic partnerships have been tied, including with the regional organizations and universities. Innovative approaches, such as remote monitoring systems have been rolled out and new information products have been developed for operational and strategic decisions. He actively represents WFP in different high level coordination framework and forum on food security, including the regional prevention of food crisis in West Africa, the regional food and nutrition working group, the Alliance Sahel Agriculture working group, the UEMOA high level food security committee, ECOWAP donors group, etc.

Sib has more than 15 years with UN system, private sector and NGO. He has worked in various contexts, emergency and development. He is an agricultural economist engineer and holds a master’s in international trade.


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