Advancing joint action on climate and food security
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Advancing joint action on climate and food security 

When: 6 October 2023 | 11:00-12:00

Format: Panel discussion

Venue: Weltsaal

The world is facing a confluence of challenges, including extreme and more frequent events like droughts, floods and high temperatures, economic shocks and conflict over resources related to agriculture and pastoralism. These challenges require greater multilateral cooperation and multilateral funding to different sectors within food supply chains to address these pressing issues.

This session provided a forward-looking policy conversation on food security. Panellists assessed systemic risks and discussed steps required to shift the conversation from traditional, donor-focused debates about direct aid towards systemic agronomic approaches that work towards integrated solutions. A particular focus was the urgent expansion of financial resources and economic investment on climate- and conflict-sensitive approaches and a better, more strategic and horizontal conversation between industrialised and emerging countries. 


Moderated by Michael Werz, Food security expert