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Turning Africa's Climate-Security Risks into Opportunities 

When: 20 October 2022 | 10:30-12:00

Format: Panel discussion

How Africa manages the different challenges posed by climate security will determine the future developmental agenda of the continent and its people. It means recognizing the ability of people to respond and adapt to the impacts of climate change, considering a range of political, economic and historical factors that define an area's susceptibility to conflict and adopting an integrated developmental response. This panel explores how reframing climate change from an environmental issue to a development issue can help turn climate security risks into development opportunities for the continent. Joining us from the IOM is Hind Assaoui, a migration, environment and climate change specialist who brings a ground-up dimension to the climate and human security policy discussion. Ngozi Amu, the Head of Research and Analysis of the UN Office for West Africa and the Sahel, will join the panel focusing on climate action, peacebuilding, and youth inclusion. Hector Morales Munoz, senior advisor at adelphi, will present a climate security local assessment and entry points to address the challenges present at the conflict in the North West of Nigeria and Fatten Aggad senior advisor in climate diplomacy at the African Climate Foundation will present a view from the civil society and the challenges of climate finance for adaptation.

The panellists will explore the following key questions:

How can Africa develop sustainably to address climate risk by enhancing people's economic capacities and promoting human security?

Which sustainable development pathways have the most potential to address climate security risks?

Which policies could guide an "African approach" to address climate security risks without jeopardizing sustainable development?


  • Hind Aïssaoui Bennani, International Organisation for Migration and UN Migration Specialist in Migration, Environment and Climate Change
  • Ngozi Amu, Head, Research and Analysis, UN Office for West Africa and the Sahel
  • Faten Aggad, Senior Advisor on climate diplomacy and geopolitics, African Climate Foundation
  • Hector Camilo Morales Munoz, Senior Advisor, adelphi

Moderated by Dhesigen Naidoo, Senior Research Associate, ISS Pretoria

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