Climate Change, Peace, and Security: Understanding Risk Through an Integrated Lens (Interactive Group Exercise)
29 September, 3-4 pm CET / 9-10am EST

Conducting sound integrated analysis is an essential first step to designing programmes, policies, and strategic plans that address climate-related security risks using a gender-responsive and conflict sensitive approach. This session presented a new e-learning course – developed jointly by UNEP, adelphi, the Climate Security Mechanism, and UN Women – that lays the foundation for understanding the interlinkages between climate change, peace, security, and social and gender-based inclusion. It provides participants with the knowledge and practical tools to conduct integrated analysis of contexts affected by climate change and insecurity, and to design policies, plans, and programmatic interventions to prevent and manage resulting risks.  

This interactive workshop adapted e-learning material for a live, virtual format. In a short one-hour session, participants will be presented with different pieces of data – including field interviews, climate data, and conflict analysis – to assess the linkages between climate change, security, and gender/social inclusion in a specific scenario and identify entry points for integrated action.