Ensuring conflict sensitivity in the Loss and Damage Fund
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Ensuring conflict sensitivity in the Loss and Damage Fund

Date: Monday 16 October

Time: 11:00-13:00 CET

Climate change undermines sustainable development, particularly in fragile and conflict affected areas. It threatens the livelihoods of the most vulnerable and can increase social inequalities. In areas where the impacts of climate change have not been and cannot be avoided through adaptation or mitigation measures and is already leading to irreversible economic, cultural and social losses.

The decision to establish a loss and damage fund during COP27 represents a step forward to achieving climate justice  . The new mechanism promises to give financial support to those who have contributed the least to global warming but suffer the most. Indeed, 70% of climate fragile countries are at risk of or in a situation of violent conflict.

The digital panel discussion will address:

  • Why does the urgent need for conflict sensitivity play an important role in the loss and damage debate? Why is this debate key to broader conflict sensitive climate finance discussions?
  • How can the loss and damage fund can be set up and implemented in a way that does not reinforce existing inequalities and conflict dynamics?
  • How can the new fund guarantee the needs of conflict and climate change affected communities are addressed and that no further harm is done?

These questions will be discussed with representatives from a wide range of expertise including youth, donors, civil society and policy experts.

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Hosted by the Working Group on Peace and Development (FriEnt) and International Alert 

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