Monitoring and Evaluation for Climate Security Interventions
30 September, 4-5:30 pm CET / 10-11.30 am EST

The objective of this session was to share the findings of an ongoing research project, conducted by the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) and EnPAx in partnership with the United States Institute for Peace, on the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of interventions at the intersection of environment, peace, and conflict. The session aimed to engage participants in a discussion about M&E for climate security interventions. Furthermore, the session highlighted approaches for M&E of climate security and environmental peacebuilding more broadly. After an introductory part, participants discussed and considered different approaches to the design and monitoring of climate security interventions, as well as approaches to evaluation and learning.

Watch a recording of the session here



  • Carl Bruch, Director of Programmes, Environmental Law Institute 
  • Amanda Woomer, Chair of M&E Interest Group, Environmental Peacebuilding Association 
  • Lukas Rüttinger, Senior Advisor, adelphi 


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