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Data analytics and better decision making: New public climate and security dashboard of the German Federal Foreign Office

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When: 19 October 2022 | 15:30-16:00

Format: In focus

How can we grasp the relationship between climate change and violent conflict? Answering this question is key for making better decisions at the nexus between climate and security policy. This session will try to map possible answers through the presentation of the German Federal Foreign Office Climate & Conflict data visualization project. Targeted at a wide range of audiences, this tool uses maps, interactive graphics, and animations to shed light on this complex topic.

The project currently consists of both a global perspective and a concrete local case study. The global view is approached through an overlaid presentation of three index dimensions on a gridded world map. Then, hotspots noteworthy in terms of the interplay of those three dimensions are defined. Centered around the farmer-herder conflict in Nigeria, the case study finally further explores the history of conflict, the changes in climate patterns and the socio-economic situation in such a hotspot.

The project — announced in May 2022  at the PREVIEW conference in Berlin — will be released online for public consultation at at the day of the session. The project team will present the overarching analytical framework as well as their plans for future, more detailed investigations into the relationship between climate and conflict.


  • Thomas Mayer, Project Lead, Data Science at PREVIEW
  • Stefano Ferri, Scientific Advisor at PREVIEW

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