BCSC 2022 Speaker:

Christoph Gornott
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Christoph Gornott is an agricultural scientist, leader of the working group Adaptation in Agricultural Systems at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and chair of the department Agroecosystem Analysis and Modelling at the University of Kassel. He conducts interdisciplinary research aiming to improve food security and resilience in tropical agricultural systems and investigates climate impacts on agriculture and strategies of how the agricultural sector can respond to changing climatic conditions. His research evolves around the three pillars of risk monitoring, management and transfer with a particular focus on crop yield forecasting, climate adaptation strategies and insurance solutions for sub-Saharan Africa. Christoph Gornott has attracted and is leading more than 35 research projects funded by the EU, BMZ, GIZ, BMU, BMBF and others, and works closely with a diverse set of institutions active in international development cooperation and other relevant stakeholders. He studied agricultural economics and agricultural sciences at Humboldt University in Berlin. Before that, he worked as a dairy farmer in northern Germany.


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