Climate Security Scenarios for the Sahel: An Interactive Exercise (closed event)
6 October, 3-4 pm CET / 9-10am EST

This session focused on helping policymakers and practitioners think through how physical hazards arising from climate change will shape security risks in the Sahel. This interactive scenarios exercise helped to identify which factors are most important and most uncertain in determining the climate security risk landscape during the next five years.  As the OECD Schooling for Tomorrow program outlines, scenarios are, “tools to help us explore different ways the future might unfold, so that we may form a shared vision, develop strategies, and create high-impact policies to be implemented now.”

Participation was by invitation only.

This interactive exercise is part of the multidisciplinary research project Weathering Risk.

Exercise Facilitators

  • Rod Schoonover, Head, Ecological Security Program, Council on Strategic Risks
  • Erin Sikorsky, Director, Center for Climate and Security