adelphi & Wilson Center Session

Launch of 21st Century Diplomacy: Foreign Policy is Climate Policy
02 October, 2-3:15 pm

This event launched “21st Century Diplomacy: Foreign Policy is Climate Policy”. Through a series of op-eds, interviews, and in-depth articles, “21st Century Diplomacy” provides fresh perspectives on the intersection of climate change and foreign policy, challenging foreign policy actors to prepare for the new global context amid a changing climate and steer transformative change. The “21st Century Diplomacy” project is jointly led by adelphi and the Wilson Center. The speakers focussed on one of seven topics in the project, “Climate Superpowers”. The actions of the US, EU, China, and India will largely determine whether we can effectively mitigate climate change, but the superpowers compete as often as they cooperate. How can they work together to meet the challenge?  

Alexander Carius, Managing Director, adelphi


  • Dr. Hinrich Thoelken, Ambassador, Director Climate and Energy Policy and Digital Transformation, Federal Foreign Office Germany 
  • Hon. Sharon Burke, Director, Resource Security, New America
  • Dr. Wang Huiyao, Founder and President, Center for China and Globalization 

This event has concluded. A recording will be available soon.