IDLO Session

Climate and Conflict in the Sahel: A Rule of Law Perspective
15 September, 5-6 pm

In fragile contexts, immediate impacts of climate change, e.g. on precipitation and temperatures, may combine with pre-existing political and social tensions to exacerbate competition over scarce natural resources. This is tragically evident in the Sahel region, where recurrent droughts, population growth and weak governance increase pressure on land and water. A lack of effective and legitimate dispute resolution mechanisms – formal and customary – and weak land rights and land governance systems are part of the reason why the resulting competition is increasingly escalating into violent conflict. The aim of this session was to explore how rule of law approaches, including strengthening of legal and judicial systems, good governance and the empowerment of justice seekers, can help address the root causes of conflict and produce beneficial effects on development goals, with a focus on peace, climate and access to justice.

Romualdo Mavedzenge, Regional Program Manager for Africa, IDLO


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