Clingendael Session

Fears for Militarisation of Climate Change: Should We be Concerned? (closed)
29 September, 3-4:30 pm

The climate-security debate finds itself split between those fearing the unnecessary securitisation of climate change, and others being cautious about security stretching to issues beyond abuse of power leading to deadly conflicts. Furthermore, there is also the much-neglected issue of how climate change is impacting the capabilities of the military, their infrastructure and their traditional role of defending national territories.

This closed and off-the-record webinar with about 30 invited participants fostered a dialogue among speakers from military and development backgrounds. It addressed the concerns of representatives from both the development and climate policy circles on the militarisation and securitisation of climate change, as well as hesitations within the security sector to increase the focus on climate change.

You can download the Clingendael alert "Fears for militarisation of Climate Change: Should we be concerned?", inspired by this closed and off the record discussion, here

Louise van Schaik, Head of Unit EU and Global Affairs and Senior Research Fellow, Clingendael Institute


  • Malin Mobjork, Senior Researcher and Director of the Climate Change and Risk Programme, SIPRI
  • General Tom Middendorp, Chair of the IMCCS and Senior Research Associate, Clingendael Institute
  • Sharon Burke, Senior Advisor International Security Program and Resource Security Program, New America
  • Colonel Mahamadou Magagi, Director, Centre National d’Études Stratégiques et de Sécurité
  • Jan Selby, Professor, University of Sheffield