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The Peace Pillar: Examples of Climate Security Risk Informed Peace Programming

When: 11 October 14:05-15:05

Format: Roundtable discussion 

Venue: Breakout session 

Multiple contexts across the world have provided ample evidence that climate change is driving conflict. Integrating climate-security into peace programming should therefore be a core component of our efforts to prevent, mitigate and resolve violent conflicts. Yet the nuances of how this can be done across fragile regions need to be better understood. 

At this roundtable discussion, peacebuilding experts will discuss how climate-security can inform peace programming, outline how the Weathering Risk Peace Pillar is transforming improved climate-conflict understanding into practical, impactful action where it is needed most. The speakers will also explore accomplishments to date based on their thematic and geographic experience and expertise, as well how-to measuring impact.


  • Emmanuel Habuka Bombande, UN Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs
  • Sebastian Kratzer, Center for Humanitarian Dialog 
  • Sonja Neuweiler, Berghof Foundation
  • Julie Raasteen, European Institute of Peace

Moerated by: Lucas Destrijcker, Advisor, adelphi