WWF Session

Connecting the Dots on Conflict, Environmental Degradation, and Climate Change in the Colombian Amazon
30 September, 3-4 pm

This panel discussion aims to present and discuss the findings of the first report connecting conflict dynamics, environmental degradation, and climate change in the Colombian Amazon, published by World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF), to a broad international audience. The report has been produced in close cooperation with six Colombian NGOs and National Parks. The report analyses how the conflict developments after the signing of the Peace Accords drive deforestation and natural resource exploitation in the Amazon region, why the governmental responses were not able to resolve this multidimensional crisis, and how this threatens environmental defenders and local communities. The panel will also present and discuss the multidimensional roadmap of possible short- and long-term solutions, highlighting existing good practice of protecting people and ecosystems that needs to be strengthened. A focus will be on the role international actors can play to support this.



More speakers for this session and a registration link will follow soon.

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