UNU-CPR, Berghof, and adelphi Session

Women, Peace, and Security’ and Climate Change at the UN: Lessons-Learned, Synergies, and Opportunities (closed)
28 September, 4-5:30pm

This interactive dialogue is organised in partnership by adelphi, UNU-CPR, and the Berghof Foundation. It brings together Member States, UN agencies, practitioners, and civil society to define challenges and identify solutions to better integrate the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) and Climate Change (CC) agendas at the UN, with an eye towards mitigating risk, preventing conflict, and building resilience.

The event will be informed by a 3-4 page research and policy brief by UNU-CPR that maps lessons-learned from the WPS agenda that can be applied to and inform the CC agenda, and will be used to inform a collaborative research publication that offers targeted recommendations to UN agencies and Member States for how to move forward effectively and inclusively. Participants will have a chance to react to the short brief and introductury commentaries from speakers. They will also work in inter-disciplinary break-out groups on relevant sub-topics of the discussion. 



Participation only upon invitation. More information will follow soon.