PIK Session

Making Sense of Climate Data for Peacebuilding
1 October, 3-4:30 pm

It is well established that climate change impacts can pose risks to peace by undermining human security and increasing the impacts of other drivers of conflict and fragility. Thanks to a growing availability of high-quality data and computational capacities, our ability to enhance the understanding of the complex, context-specific impacts of climate change on current and future security risks is also growing. Providing practitioners with data-driven insights about the full range of those impacts is crucial in order to improve anticipatory action to avoid and reduce those risks.
This panel discussion seeks to present climate data products (AGRICA and ISIPEDIA) that are providing accessible climate information, which can be used for operational responses. Furthermore, the sessions aims to discuss their contribution and suitability towards achieving risk informed operations with practitioners.

Guiding questions of this session will include:

  • What are the underlying quantitative approaches of the two platforms (ISIPEDIA and AGRICA) provided and how are the climate information products intended to be used?
  • How suitable are these platforms to improve anticipatory action?
  • What are peacebuilders/ practitioners needs in terms of climate information for conducting climate-security assessments?
  • What are current challenges with regard to climate information availability and accessibility and how can they be addressed?


  • Barbora Sedova, FutureLab (Co-)Leader, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research


More information about the session and a registration link will follow soon.